Engagement Sessions

Marriage is a life-long commitment. It takes time, effort and skills to nurture such commitment.

As part of Project ARIF Resource Centres programmes, the team also invites couples and families to intimate activities such as therapeutic groupworks and parenting workshops.


Past Sessions

To Love, To Nurture
5th June 2021 via ZOOM

In this special edition of SaturDATE with ARIF, the team engaged couples in an activity of building their own small dome dried flowers terrarium. The activity was led by a terrarium-making expert, and facilitated by a social worker who then processed the experience with couples. At the end of the day, couples got to enjoy a beautiful set of flower domes, and new perspectives on their roles in a marital relationship.



Tree of Life
21st May 2022 @ An-Nur mosque

In conjunction with Eid, Refresh-Eid was a celebratory event where couples were invited to connect, to explore deeper and begin to discover (or perhaps re-discover) aspects of their relationships, through the stories of their lives, and ultimately creating new horizons for the future. By using one of the Narrative Therapy tools, couples were guided and facilitated through uncovering the roots of their lives and discovering their aspirations together as a couple. They also got to share their Tree of Life artwork with other couples and learn from one another.

Playful Parenting – The importance of Play and how to play safely
21st May 2022 @ An-Nur mosque

In this intimate session, Project ARIF couples with babies (and the babies’ grandmothers) were invited to learn about the benefits of play, age-appropriate play ideas and importantly, how to play safely with children. This discussion was led by our paediatrician and medical social worker. Babies were welcome to join in the discussion as well!

Resource Centres

Project ARIF has set up two resource centres within our partner mosques (Assyafaah Mosque and An-Nur Mosque)


We bring to you a wide range of expert information on relationships, maternal health and child health. We hope that this will guide each couple and family to make ample and well-supported preparations mentally, physically, and financially as they embark on their journeys through marriage, pregnancy, and parenthood. Click on the individual articles for more information.

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