As part of its myriad of services, Project ARIF offers Health’Meet – a free, in-person, health consult session for couples at our Resource Centres. Run by our clinicians and case managers, we aim to explore how couples and families can be better supported in terms of their health, mental wellness and any other relevant areas.

Health’Meet is also meant to be a platform for our couples to reach out to us and seek advice directly from the Project ARIF team. This allows the team to be more accessible to our couples and their families.

Health’Meet is not meant to replace a formal medical consult. It serves to provide couples with appropriate and timely information, enough to empower their next actions.

Project ARIF’s Health’Meet is available exclusively to Project ARIF couples, by appointment only.

Resource Centres

Project ARIF has set up two resource centres within our partner mosques (Assyafaah Mosque and An-Nur Mosque)


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